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The high costs of maternity care for expats

For new parent expats that reside outside of countries with free healthcare systems, the cost of pregnancy and giving birth abroad can be startlingly high.

Welcoming a newborn into the family is an incredibly exciting time. However, for new parents that reside outside of countries with free healthcare systems, such as the NHS in the UK, the cost of pregnancy and giving birth can be startlingly expensive. Even in countries where the cost of living is markedly low, covering the costs of maternity care and childbirth can still be sky high.




Estimating the maternity costs of an overseas birth

Even the most uncomplicated of pregnancies can still result in significant costs or expenses. Complications such as a caesarean section can see costs of maternity soar. Costs of maternity care vary from country to country; below are a few examples of how high maternity costs can be, based on claims we have received:

  • Lebanon – US$9,133 for Routine Maternity
  • United Kingdom – US$6,012 for Normal Delivery
  • Hong Kong – US$11,300 for Elective C-section
  • Philippines – US$10,000 for Routine Maternity
  • China – US$12,000 for Routine Maternity
  • Thailand – US$9,500 for Routine Maternity

Protect yourself, your baby and your budget with health insurance

For women overseas who are expecting, protection under an adequate health insurance plan is an absolute must. Without it, they run the risk of racking up a huge bill when it comes to costs of maternity care and childbirth. With the protection of expat maternity insurance and overseas health plans, families can enjoy the total peace of mind that the costs of maternity are covered.

Keeping families happy and healthy

Unfortunately, the excitement of childbirth also goes hand in hand with stress and anxiety, particularly from a financial point of view. With new mums needing to take time off work and baby care costs mounting, covering health expenses can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. By taking out an international health insurance plan families can keep financial stress to a minimum, both during and after pregnancy. When new costs of maternity pop up, they can rest assured that their provider will cover them.




Tips for a smooth and stress-free overseas pregnancy

For most mothers, an overseas pregnancy experience can be strikingly different to what they would experience in their home country. To help ensure the journey is as smooth as possible, they should keep these simple tips in mind when planning an overseas birth:

  • Seek out private hospitals in order to receive the best possible care
  • Get advice from other expats who have experience with the medical system
  • Look into visa rules and requirements (and the child passport application process / overseas birth certificate)
  • Make sure you are fully covered with an international medical insurance plan
  • Wherever you plan on giving birth, an in-depth understanding of the costs of maternity is an absolute must. With some childbirth costs coming in at over US$10,000, having a baby abroad is not an inexpensive option.


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To evaluate the impact of switching from an HMO to a high-deductible health plan on the costs and utilization of maternity care.

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